Maryland’s Best Mock Oysters Recipe

Mock Oysters For Summers

This recipe is taken from the book A Maryland’s way ‘The Hammond -Harwood house cookbook recipe’. So let’s start understanding the cooking process of this recipe in the further read. This recipe was published in 1963 by the Hammond Harwood house association. This book has a historic collection of Dishes and various recipes from Maryland. The speciality of this book is that it consists of all the summer recipes. We will see about the corn fritters that are known as mock oysters which are also called artificial oysters. 

During summer there is a lack of oysters so the chiefs need to have substitutes for them. They used sweet corns to replace with mock oysters to fry them. Other substitutes used are Salsafee and eggplant.

You will need the below Ingredients for the Mock Oyster recipe:

  • The 2 cups of scraped corn
  • Take 2 eggs
  • Have ½ tsp salt
  • Pinch of both cayenne and black pepper
  • Take 2 heaping tbsp flour
  • Use 2 tbsp butter

How to Cook :

First, you need to collect all the scraped corn in a bowl and perform mashing using the potato masher. This will squeeze them and comes out a milkiness of corn.

Later, You need to divide the egg yolk from the white part of the egg. Do this in separate bowls. And whisk the egg yolk and keep it aside. Till it becomes a light and soft liquid. 

And at last, Mix the egg yolk with corn thoroughly by blending it with different ingredients to add taste. So, blend corn in with different ingredients. Add salt pepper and using a spatula gently add the white egg mixture into it. 

How much flour relies upon the smoothness of the corn. Add flour accordingly to the mixture and fold it well. Utilize barely sufficient flour to hold them together. 

Now you need to heat the pan having butter in it. Sear in hot profound fat. So that the fat melts away. And it is ready to cook the Fritters. Fritters ought not to be thick.  Now place the mixed batter in small quantities on the frying pan. Just place 2-3 pieces of batter into the pan and don’t add extras in the pan to overcrowd it.  

Fry each fritter for about two to three minutes per side. You need to fry them until you have the bottom and upper parts turned into golden brown. Cooking time depends on how the pan is hot. 

Thus, your mock oysters are ready to remove the fritters and place them on a dry oil soaking paper. Thus it drains all the oil from the fritters. And now you are ready to place them on your plate.

You can serve them as it is without any side dishes or sauces for taste. If you are fond of sauce you can get them with it. Usually, people use tartar sauce alongside it. Also, you have the option of using dippings like spicy Chipotle Mayo dips. Thus it enhances the spiciness of the dish as well as it becomes a better and more tasty dish to be served.

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